• Black Toyota Tacoma
    Righteously Lifted Toyota Taco! <3
  • Mike
    What a poser… 😉
  • Kyle
    Just doing “Metal” stuff!
  • Cody
    Just our Grease Monkey caught in action in the shop.
  • Cute Pooch
    Another cute pooch that I am using as a place filler to see what these posts do on this page. It is a Jeep Dog so I think the dog can be posted on this page!
  • Red F-150
    I don’t know who’s this is, but I needed a place filler to test how these posts are going to show up on the page and I love this red F-150! To bad it isn’t a Super Duty Tremor though, still cool!
  • When the Jeep is in the Shop…
    We all know this feeling, life gets Ruff when there is no Jeep in the driveway.
  • “Grey Bush’s” IT rig
    Ever wondered what our IT does our work on for our Webpage and anything else Tek on the internet?! Well so did we and we popped over to see what he has going on which led us to one hell of a surprise! Check out his Rig in the above picture and his monitor setup! […]
  • Sick Silver JK
    Like Lights? This Jeep has something like 50 undercarriage KC Cyclone Lights, Rigid Adapt Light Bars, Rigid and Warn quad pods. But it doesn’t stop there, a Metal Cloak Long Arm kit with their 6 pack shocks lift it up 4″ to make way for the 37″ tires underneath. A big brake kit by Mopar, […]
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